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Theatrical costumes 2015-16 season

Our theatrical costume shop, in the 2015-16 season, had the pleasure and honor to carry theatrical costumes for several important Italian and international productions.

In September, “La légende du Roi Arthur” was done at the Palace du Congres in Paris, produced by Décibel Pruductions, a great work of music, directed and choreographed by Giuliano Peparini. This play is touring Europe collecting approvals anywhere. The majestic and precious theatrical costumes were made faithfully following the sketches and directions of French costume designer Frederic Olivier, with whom we had already worked successfully two years ago for the musical “Roméo et Juliette: de la Haine à l’Amour” produced by David Zard. The theatrical costumes, both for manufacture and choice of fabrics, have been realized in accordance with the period costumes, adding a touch of glamor and fantasy. We worked on this project for three long months and we’ve been to Paris for costume fittings and for the preparation of the show.

The ballet “The Nutcracker” takes place in Rome at Opera House every year at Christmas. This time it was a new production directed and choreographed by Giuliano Peparini who, for this ballet, he decided to work again with the French costume designer Frederic Olivier. The costumes have been made respecting the original ones, however, making lines and tissue processing more modern and following the requests and the creativity of the costume designer and the director.

The musical work “Notre Dame de Paris” by Riccardo Cocciante is back on stage in March, at the Linear Ciack Theater in Milan, with the original cast that after 15 years has again played the roles that were left in the hearts of the spectators. So Lola Ponce has once again become Esmeralda and Giò di Tonno is back to wearing the hump of Quasimodo. Creating the theatrical costumes for this musical work, one of the most famous and replicated throughout the world, it has been a big challenge because we had to replicate the costumes remaining absolutely faithful to the type fabric, style, cut, dye and painted decorations of the original ones designed by costume designer Fred Sathal.

The musical “Jersey Boys” debuted, also in March, at the Verdi Theater in Sassari. It has finally arrived in Italy after the countless successes in North America and around the world and after the release of the movie by Clint Eastwood with the same title, which tells the story of Four Seasons, the historic band founded in the sixties by Italian-American singer Frankie Valli. The director Claudio Insegno has made use of costume designer Graziella Pera. She has created the wonderful costumes inspired by those of the original musical that is based on a true story, so they are inspired, in turn, by old photos and videos of the band. In this case we have reconstructed an era certainly close to our days but that still requires a careful study of the style of clothes, what we do with great passion.

The latest work by this challenging 2015-16 season was the creation of theatrical costumes for the new ballet “The Lovers Garden”, with etoile Roberto Bolle, choreographed by Massimiliano Volpini and Costume Design Erika Carretta, staged at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. “The Garden Lovers” was the opening show of the celebrations for the 225th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s disappearance. The costumes, rich in details and decorative interventions, were in part modern and part of the eighteenth century, with very stylized forms and amazing painted decorations.

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