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Dance dresses

Our studio, located in the center of Rome very close to the Colosseum, is dedicated to the glittering world of dance dresses, both women and men.

We produce costumes for Ballet, Latin dance and Ballroom: Standard dance, Latin American dance, Caribbean dance, Tango.

In our studio you can find many stunning dance dresses created by our creativity and our passion for this work, ready to be worn and, if necessary, modified according to your measurements and demands.

Over the years we have learned that choosing a dance dress is almost like choosing the wedding dress: the dancer wants to find the perfect one, without never settle for anything less!

For this reason, often, dance dresses are made to measure. The sketch is drawn together with the dancer, choosing right shape, type of fabric, color point and the most suitable decorations between various catalogs of the companies from which we provide, including Swarovsky and Chrisanne Clover, both of them leaders in the sector of dance costumes. After about a month, the customer comes back in the studio for dress fitting which is subsequently completed and delivered.

It happens more and more often to work remotely, in fact there are many dance dresses that we create for distant clients and in this process technology helps us a lot. The sketch is decided exchanging photos and measurements by email and chat, then details are clarified on the phone and using Facebook.

To our great satisfaction, our dance dresses have always fulfilled the expectations of our customers, who are thrilled about beauty and quality of the costume that fits perfectly without even trying it! There are many customers who, after the first competition with their new dress, send us a photo with a dedication and thanks.

An opportunity to try on our dance dresses without coming to Rome is going to one of the fairs we participate in. Every year we are in Rimini on the occasion of the Absolute Championships in January and for the Italian Championship of Category in July. We do not miss these two important events organized by the FIDS.

In addition to dance dresses for competitors of dancesport, we also produce gorgeous costumes for the ballet.

Many young dancers rely on us to create the costume for their diploma. Each dance dress is designed with them and studied in detail regarding fabrics, colors and decorations. It is cut by capable hands of our tailors and it will be tried on before the eyes of excited mothers. Our young clients thank us again for making their step farewell unforgettable.

Our love and commitment has led us to take care of every detail of the costumes for dance recitals of some major schools, including the “School of the Opera” and “Ballet of Rome.” The costumes are decided with director and dancing teacher who must approve our sketches and fabric samples, previously shown, then we realize the prototype which will be submitted to watchful eyes of teachers.

When the sample is decided, we take measurements to hundreds of dancers and we start working for several months, until the delivery of costumes which come to life on stage of the theatre during the year-end recital. Seeing the costumes literally dancing is a great satisfaction and it is worth all that hard work.

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